Legislation Lead-Sponsored and Passed




HB 115: Prescription medications listed on state’s Health Information Exchange

HB 202: Expedites treatment for violent patients in state’s forensic mental hospitals

HB 1400: System to pool health insurance purchases by state, school systems, local government could save $100s millions per year

HB 1635: Better placement of psychiatric patients from Emergency Rooms



HB 81: Removes archaic sexist term “confinement” from estate law

HB 180: Renames Department of Health

HB 188: Finalizes funding for electronic advance directives and public education

HB 518: Facilitates pre-natal HIV testing and other pre-natal testing



HB 91: Recognizing National Healthcare Decisions Day

HB104: Allows dentists, podiatrists, advanced nurses to be medical cannabis practitioners

HB 185: Maryland Board of Physicians education requirements defined

HB 403: Helps business get paid by state when change orders applied

HB 990: Supports rights of people with disability insurance

HB 1385: Continues progress to establish electronic advance directives



HB 129: Supports veterans’ procurement government contracts

HB 150: Protection Charitable Assets extension

HB 215: Microbead pollutant phase out and became national model for clean water

HB 293: Improves guardianship for disabled persons

HB 490: Makes medical cannabis act operational

HB1106: Advance directives witnessing clarified

HB 1288: Prohibition powdered alcohol



HB 592: Improving mental health care for hospitalized patients

HB 881: Medical marijuana program enacted

HB 1088: Supporting emergency eye care to prevent blindness

HB1352: Regulation of charitable assets to support legitimate charities and to identify, control, or shut down “scam” charities





HB 103: Requires solar panels for major school renovations

HB 248: Bond bill for Baltimore Humane Society

HB 331: Strengthens Open Meetings Act

HB 591: Stops wholesale pharmacy price gouging

HB 877: Iran procurement restrictions

HB1101: Creates medical marijuana program



HB 71: Family Security Trust

HB 448: Electronic recycling procurement preference

HB 879: Electronic recycling expansion

HB 1118: Nursing home licensure revocation for violators

HJ 3: Ratification of 17th Amendment to U.S. Constitution



HB 82: MOLST – Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment

HB 92: Bond bill United Cerebral Palsy

HB 286: Sets peer review standards in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers

HB 291/SB 308: Medical marijuana work group and lowers penalties

HB 456: Minority-Women Business Enterprise program extension

HB 941: Dining Out Growth Act – expands restaurant options

HB 1260: Jewish Community Center bond bill



HB147/SB 314: Assignment of Benefits helps providers get paid by insurance companies

HB 224: Sets “greywater” recycling standards

HB 250: Improves MBE certification process

HB 251: MBE certification done electronically

HB 292: Uniform medical consultation referral form

HB 323: Licensure for Physician Assistants

HB 1132: Bond Bill for Baltimore Humane Society



HB 70: Eliminates obsolete programs in Department of Health

HB 91: Promotes proper restoration of historic state buildings

HB 124: Helps new and minority business compete for state contracts

HB 154: Expands and extends role of Green Building Council

HB 456: Facilitates use of medicines for uncommon cancers

HB 457: Reduces paperwork by expanding web use for state documents

HB 533: Promotes cooperative buying between state, counties, schools, and non-profits

HB 610: Allows greater insurance support for wellness programs

HB 674: Reforms small group health insurance market; first change since 1993



HB 142: Streamlines Department of Health

HB 312: Extends, expands surety bond choices

HB 484: Allows unsolicited bids

HB 561: Expands small business reserve program

HB 865: Expands E-Maryland marketplace

HB 906: Organ donation program revised to be operational statewide

HB 1090: Security for funds held by morticians



HB 27: Bond for United Cerebral Palsy

HB 28: Small business reserve extension

HB 29: Hopewell Cancer bond bill

HB 53: Group home controls

HB 157: Wellness benefits from insurance companies

HB 214: Healthcare planning

HB 216: Protects forensic scientists from HIV

HB 487: Non-profit health insurance board of directors

HB 488: Expands, extends electronic recycling

HB 682: Supports EMS (emergency medical systems)



HB 108: Extends ban on genetically modified species in waterways

HB 169: Alternate ways for bonding for new, small businesses, MBE’s

HB 549: Expands mental health coverage

HB 569: Board of Education bid requirements

HB 813: Group Home contracts

HB 819: Expands E-Maryland marketplace

HB 869: Extends MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) program

HB 883: Promotes locally grown food in state purchasing



HB 109: Procurement agency accountability

HB 196/SB 92: Green buildings construction

HB 262: Debarment of contract violators

HB 303: Funds smoking cessation medications

HB 417: Pharmacy electronic reimbursement

HB 434: Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease reporting requirement

HB 575: Electronic re-cycling implementation

HB 827/SB 718: Health care worker safety from blood-borne diseases



HB 109: Electronic re-cycling task force

HB 122: Health Insurance Young Adults

HB 123: Prompt payment of health claims

HB 429: Administrative Procedure Act reforms

HB 556: Health Care Decisions, preferences, communication

HB 557: Advanced Directive Information Act

HB 558: Dental sedation permits

HB 702: E-Maryland Marketplace modernization

HB 718: Reciprocal Preference in contracts

HB 721: MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) Directory

HB 767: Board Contract Appeals- Jurisdiction over State Claims



HB 174: Noise Pollution regulation

HB 230: Dental Hygienists: supervised office practice

HB 343: HIV testing providers, first-responders

HB 702: Medical Marijuana Compassionate Care Act



HB 210: Blood donation by minors

HB 301: Atlantic Coastal Bay protection

HB 492: School Buying Consortium

HB 659: Water Security and Sewage Systems Advisory Council



HB 189 Transgenic and Genetically Altered Species

HB 190: Colon Cancer screening

HB 191/SB193: Wellness Community Bond Bill

HB 379: Home Inspectors

HB 1242: Kidney Disease Commission



HB 108/SB100: Patient Care Advisory Committees

HB 360: Health Care Worker Safety Blood borne Pathogens

HB 694/SB 742: ADHD Council



HB 45: Visionary Arts Museum bond bill

HB 62: Addiction Treatment Task Force (extension)

HB 225: Medical License Requirements

HB 287: Health Care Worker Safety

HB 590: Diesel Emissions Testing



HB 113/SB 742: Victims of Homicide, transportation

HB 114: Audiology- Speech Therapy

HB 149: Addiction Treatment Task Force to increase funding for treatment

HB 235/SB 244: Visionary Arts Museum bond bill

HB 240: Alcohol measurements revised to prosecute DUI cases

HB 507: Cleft Lip and Palate coverage

HB 556: Health Utilization Review

HB 958: Physician address of record defined



HB 366: Mortician Licenses regulation

HB 559: Cemetery regulation protecting purchasers

HB 661: Patient referrals rule



HB 78: Agriculture Commission, adding organic good, wine industry, far